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Reducing Costs through Efficient Cannabis Post Harvest

DC system constructed with cam lock panel system

Want to increase yields, reduce waste, and improve the overall profitability of your cultivation facility? Look no further than the Cannatrol Commercial System. Born out of the tested and proven technology in the cheese and meat curing and aging industry, Cannatrol Systems manages water loss and ensures optimal water activity levels. Based on its food manufacturing history, Cannatrol seamlessly integrates with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to create a precise and controlled, sealed environment for complete post-harvest cannabis processing.

Here are the key reasons why investing in the Cannatrol Commercial System can significantly impact your bottom line:

Higher Yields: 
Cannabis flower is sold by weight. Overdried flower with less weight will directly affect your profits. Using our patented Cannatrol systems allows you to avoid over-drying and benefit from increased product weight without incurring additional production costs.  Testing proves that even a small shift in water activity can have a dramatic impact on cultivation profitability. When cannabis flower is dried, cured, and held at a stable water activity level between 0.6 and 0.65, the maximum level of ‘bound’ moisture is retained—without the danger of mold growth. A decrease in water activity from 0.65 to 0.56 can result in as much as a 5.6% decrease in profitability. 

With high yields and a quick return on investment (ROI), you can maximize profits and ensure the highest possible quality of your flower.

Financial Breakdown: 

Unit Cost DC4 $46,500 DC8 $56,000  DC16 $76,000 
Pounds Produced (Dry)  36  72  144 
Price Per Pound  $1,00  $1,00  $1,00 
Incremental Yield (%)  5.6%  5.6%  5.6% 
Labor Reduction  0%  0%  0% 
Incremental Price (%)  0%  0%  0% 
Revenue Per Batch  $36,000  $72,000  $144,000 
Batches Per Year  12  12  12 
Total Annual Revenue  $432,000  $864,000  $1,728,000 
Incremental Revenue  $24,192  $48,384  $96,768 


A Compelling ROI: 
After reviewing the incremental revenue in the chart above shows that the Cannatrol Commercial System can be a game-changer for your cultivation facility. With a cost range of $46,500 for the DC4 to $76,000 for the DC16, you can achieve an impressive ROI ranging from 52% to a staggering 127% in just one year. 

Reduced Waste: 
Overdried cannabis flower often leads to crumbling buds that are either unsellable or leave behind an excessive amount of shake that negatively affects appearance, feel, and taste. This waste not only decreases your revenue but also requires reprocessing. Using the Cannatrol Commercial System, you can avoid waste, sell more premium buds, and showcase the exceptional quality of your flower. 

Labor Reduction: 
Labor savings achieved by using Cannatrol Commercial Systems enable you to optimize your operations further. The focus is on maximizing profits; it’s worth noting that the Cannatrol system’s efficiency also alleviates the strain on your workforce; no more burping bags, moving product from one room to another, or paying your team overtime to take down a room the minute someone determines it is “ready.” All your beds, regardless of size or density, will dry to the exact perfect water activity and hold precisely at that level until you have the staff to process the room. – It’s time for your team to concentrate on essential tasks and stop worrying about post-harvest. 

Using the Cannatrol Commercial System will increase your bottom line and establish your business as the provider of premium cannabis flower. With higher yields, reduced waste, improved efficiency, and superior flower, you will gain the advantage in an ever-growing and crowded market. 

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