New Construction- Kansas City, MO/Phoenix, AZ/Jersey Shore, PA

Terrapin Care Station/Elevate Cannabis

This multi state operator was looking for new technology in post harvest processing that would improve efficiencies and deliver consistent results.  The first installation in Kansas City created four 1,000 pound rooms that were capable of supporting the company’s harvest cycle.  After seeing the consistency and repeatability as well as high terpene profiles, the team decided to use the Cannatrol systems in new buildouts in Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Retrofit Custom System – Hudson, Massachusetts

Hudson Growers Alliance

Hudson Growers Alliance (Nimbus Cannabis) had a legacy style dry room that was impossible to control.  With a mini-split and a dehumidifier, open ceilings and poor insulation they struggled to produce consistent flower.  Since this was their only drying space, the challenge was to convert the room during the short period between harvests.  The staff at Hudson was able to quickly line the room with vapor tight plastic panels and install an insulated ceiling.  Our equipment was brought in, quickly installed and the room was up and running, ready for the next harvest.

Custom Storage Vault – Chester, Vermont

Down To The Roots

This is the first dispensary in the country to utilize Vaportrol technology for storage of their inventory.  This fabulous space was renovated to create a wonderful retail experience staffed with knowledgeable budtenders. Working with the team’s contractors, the Vaportrol system was installed inside the DEA cage to meet  all safety and security requirements.  Prerolls and bulk flower are stored in a controlled vault space until they are ready to either fulfill orders or fill the Cool Cures in the retail display space.  The Down to the Roots team is working with Vermont growers that use Vaportrol Technology for drying and curing, creating a seamless ‘chain of custody’ in ideal handling conditions – delivering consistently great product to their customers.

Red building with blue sky and sun shining
Retrofit Custom System – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Seven Clover

Challenged with a tough climate, Seven Clover struggled to keep their three drying rooms in line.  After an employee brought a sample of flower from a Cool Cure unit to the head of Post Harvest, she decided to install a Cannatrol System into her smallest drying space for a test.  After running the new room for a few weeks, the team was convinced that all their drying rooms should be converted to Vaportrol Technology.  As a very efficient operator that makes great use of every inch of space, we worked closely with Seven Clover to size the rooms to meet their capacity demands and convert the rooms on a schedule that would not interrupt their production.

New Construction Custom Room – Danville, Vermont

Old Growth Vermont

This impressive family run farm is one of the top producers in Vermont with a reputation for premium quality flower.  When it was time to scale up production they called us to create a 1,000 pound capacity room to handle their outdoor harvest.  Working closely with the owners and the contractors, we were up against the clock for the outdoor harvest.  The room will be used for storage once the flower is processed.

Custom New Construction – Leicester, Massachusetts


In this new construction project we were able to work with the architects and engineers to create a fully controlled production corridor.  We created six post harvest rooms to keep the flower in ideal condition from the time of harvest right into long terms storage.  The freshly cut flower is brought to a trimming/processing space then loaded onto carts and placed in the 4 drying rooms.  Once dry, the flower is moved to a central curing room to await final packaging.  The flower is held in ideal conditions through the entire process.

Multiple DC4 Systems – Odessa, Texas

Imperium Roots

This CBD and Medical producer is stepping up his post harvest production.  Two DC4 systems were installed to provide flexible drying space for their indoor harvest.  The units were built and tested in Vermont, then broken down and shipped to Texas for installation.  The units were quickly built and put right into service.

DC4 – Bethany, Connecticut

Bethany Farms

The first DC4 installation in a green house.  This family run garden center started by growing hemp and looking for a way to dry and cure to create top shelf smokable flower.

Custom Retrofit – Pittsburgh, PA

Maitri Medicinals

This 1,500 pound retrofit room was built out to support an increase in production for this major medical producer in PA.

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