Enhancing Curing Methods for Superior Cannabis Quality

In the competitive cannabis market, the quality of the final product is paramount. While cultivation receives most...

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DC system constructed with cam lock panel system

Reducing Costs through Efficient Cannabis Post Harvest

Maximize Profits and Efficiency with Cannatrol Commercial Systems   Want to increase yields, reduce waste, and improve...

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Apricot Auto and Papaya Cookies Auto: Our New World Champions

From the team at 420 Fast Buds Link to Original: https://2fast4buds.com/us/latest-news/we-won-the-awc-2024 Apricot Auto claims Best Sativa, Papaya...

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How My Cool Cure Helped Me Win at The American Autoflower Cup

Hi Friends!  Jimbo here with Mephisto Genetics, and I’m super excited to share with you how my...

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Sebastians Autoflower World Cup Harvest & Unboxing the Fast Buds Cannatrol

  Sebastian is harvesting his Autoflower World Cup Run and adding it to the new Fast Buds...

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Grower Spotlight: Matt Boyle

What is your favorite cultivar to grow? I tend to change genetics almost every run I’m lucky...

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Green Acres Cannabis

Grower Spotlight: Green Acres Cannabis

We recently had a great visit with Steve at Green Acres in Vermont! What is your favorite...

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K & A Thailand

Check out K & A in Chiangrai Thailand, a cultivator using Cannatrol Systems for their dry and...

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Eric Gross talks Cannatrol

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Which system is right for me?

Trying to decide which system is right for you? See some of the key differences between the...

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Cannatrol cool cure unit filled with brown paper bags with open door

The Long Haul

Storing for the Long Haul You just finished your cure cycle – set your self up for...

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How a Cold One Explains the Mystery of RH

Understanding Dew Point, Dry Bulb and Relative Humidity‍ RH or Relative Humidity is exactly that – It’s...

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