Get complete control of the post harvest process

Custom and Retrofit Systems

Retain more terpenes, potency and increase yields on every harvest

Premium flower is the future of your brand. Control has never been more important...

Growing a quality product is a significant financial commitment.  Genetics, nutrients, power and labor all get calculated into the cost of the grow cycle.  With that much investment in the grow process,  it is critical to assure the product is dried and cured in a clean, consistent environment.  Anything less can result in a total loss of your harvest.

Small batch processing means that you are not loading wet buds in the same room as dry or partially dry buds. This small batch philosophy is what makes our systems unique. With a Cannatrol system you can produce craft quality cannabis on a large scale.  The Cannatrol™ System assures not only a terrific aesthetic result with superior organoleptic properties, but can keep your harvest free of pests and mold (both visible and invisible) that can destroy a harvest or worse!

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Fully Custom Control

The central monitoring panel (7″ color touch screen) gives you all the data you’ll need to manage the process. Fully customizable, you can set up to 5 unique environmental conditions and the system will automatically ramp between settings over the specified time.

Our proprietary “Vaportrol Driver” keeps the system in control throughout your cycle and beyond for storage. The system can be easily accessed via desktop or phone on the IOS and Android apps.

Cannatrol control display home screen

Water Activity, Increased Yield and Quick ROI

When flower is dried to the correct water activity level it will remain supple and sticky and terpenes and potency will be retained.   Water activity is an important measure not only for cannabis producers, but in food and any preservation environment where mold might grow.  When flower is dried, cured and held at a stable water activity level between 0.6 and 0.65, the maximum level of ‘bound’ moisture is retained -without danger of mold growth. Cannatrol Systems provide a level of control to achieve the optimal water activity level – every harvest – consistently and never over dried.

Testing proves that even a small shift in water activity can have a dramatic impact on profitability.  An increase in water activity from 0.5 to 0.6 can result in as much as a 5.6% increase in profitability. Couple the yield increase with potential labor savings and premium pricing for a significant improvement in profit.

Custom Systems

How do you size a custom system?

We’ll start by asking you a few questions about your typical harvest cycle and expected wet weights.  Once we have that information, we can start the design process.

A Custom System can be designed for almost any space as long as it is vapor tight. We will work with your architects and engineers to develop the right custom solution for you.

Do you do Retrofits?

Absolutely!  We will work with you to design a system that will meet the your specific needs.  The key to all retrofit systems is that the space is vapor tight.  If your current space is not vapor tight, we can work with you to recommend appropriate materials to upgrade your current space.


What does the Cannatrol control system do?

This patented control system is designed to operate the Cannatrol Drying and Curing System and controls temperature and vapor pressure/dew point, thereby controlling relative humidity. Each function on the control can be preset to achieve a desired level of temperature and moisture in the drying and curing environment.

The entire system should be installed by a qualified mechanical contractor and licensed electrician. We will provide mechanical and piping diagrams for every job.

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