Get complete control of the post harvest process

Cannatrol Cool Cure

Retain more terpenes, potency and increase yields on every harvest

When drying, curing and storing your harvest, an unstable environment and uncontrolled moisture are the enemy.

After putting so much care into the grow process – you’re only half way there. It is critical to assure flowers are dried, cured and stored in a clean, controlled environment. We take the guess work, the myths and the ‘broscience’ out of the post harvest process. The Cool Cure is designed to consistently deliver the perfect drying, curing and storage conditions for your harvest. Vaportrol® Technology creates an environmental equilibrium that protects and preserves terpenes and potency. Buds will remain sticky, supple and tasty for months and months. No shake, no overdrying – and no burping jars.

Our patented Vaportrol® Technology controls the process with gentle water removal using the power of vapor pressure. Program the conditions you prefer and the length of time. Extend the cure to your liking!

No burping, no maintenance. Just a really cool cure.

cannatrol cool cure unit filled with dried cannabis with clear glass door

The Proof is in the Lab


Terpene Retention: Vaportrol Technology retained 16% more total terpenes than the traditional drying method. Specific terpenes such as Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Myrcene, cis-ocimene, and B-Caryophyllene showed significantly higher concentrations in the Cool Cure method, with increases ranging from 6% to 23%.

Cannabinoid Preservation: While the total cannabinoids were not significantly different between the two methods, the Vaportrol system showed less decarboxylation of cannabinoids, indicating a better preservation of these compounds. Specifically, THCA, CBD, and CBC concentrations were significantly higher in the Cool Cure method, suggesting less degradation due to controlled temperature and humidity.

Environmental Stability: The study found that the traditional drying systems are subject to large environmental fluctuations, which can adversely affect flower quality. In contrast, the Vaportrol system was able to maintain more stable environmental conditions, minimizing spikes in temperature and humidity that can lead to decarboxylation and terpene loss.

Smooth and
precise dry cycles

Your unit will arrive preprogrammed with default settings that have been tested and proven. The process starts with gentle, controlled water removal.  The dry cycle will run for 4 days and the cure cycle for 4 days. After 8 days your flower will be shelf stable and ready to consume, however longer cure and hold times will often improve the quality of your smoke.  You have the ability to change the temperature, dew point and cycle duration based on  your own preferences!

Perfectly controlled
curing - no burping

A cure could last anywhere from 4-30 days (and beyond) depending on the cultivar and your personal preferences.  Select your temperature and dew point and the Cool Cure cures your harvest in a perfectly controlled environment for as long as you like! No burping, no maintenance.
You can customize the temperature, dew point and duration (although the factory settings are tested and proven to deliver great results).

Note that the Cool Cure will operate best at ambient room temperatures of 74 degrees and below. Wet load should not exceed 2.2 pounds.

Cannatrol Cool Cure

Store and save flower,
right in your unit

When you are satisfied with your cure, you can store your buds right in the unit (we use in an uncoated paper bag). The Cool Cure will hold about 4 pounds of dried buds in perfect condition for months to come (…just another reason to get a second unit).

Our Cool Cure units are built in Vermont by Vermonters.  We build the units by hand in our workshop and then run quality testing to assure every unit is working perfectly before shipment.  We know that your Cool Cure will change the way you think about Drying, Curing and Storage.

We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor and we stand behind every unit we make.

Please note that all sales are final.

Cannatrol cool cure unit filled with brown paper bags with open door

Growers know best!

Don’t take our word for it - Home Growers love the Cool Cure

8/8/22 "If you know Cannatrol buds you will almost always recognize them and seek them out...they're everywhere and it’s awesome."

— via Facebook A. Baker

4/1/2023 "I legit can't live without this thing now! ?"

— via Instagram @routinegreenva

8/1/2022 I recently ordered a Cool Cure for my soon-to-harvest in CA. I just completed the 4-day dry, 4-day cure session, and I have to tell you I have never seen such well cured bud. I was not surprised, because I researched the Cool Cure thoroughly. It is always nice to get what you paid for. My friends thought I was crazy to spend that kind of money, but the laugh is on them. Thank you for contributing to the growing world. Growing is a passion of mine and you made the hardest part of growing SUPER easy!! Thank you so much!

— via email Bob Skinner

8/28/22 "...If you're ready to step up your dry/cure game cannatrol is a no brainer. Truly a great product and a game changer for your bud. Amazing people and great customer support."

— via Instagram @strong_island_genetics

4/1/2023 "Best investment ever. Can’t wait to get another!"

— via Instagram @damico_farms

8/2022 "I’ve had mine a week and I have found it very well thought out, every part seems to be made of quality components, From the door to the glass everything seems to be made from better quality stuff 2 days into use and the results so far have been amazing!"

— via Facebook Ted McAvoy

8/23/22 "Cannatrol is such an amazing product it’s worth the one time investment of 1600$ I ended up getting 2, paid itself off with the first harvest , when it comes to quality, Cannatrol has changed the game cheers to the cannatrol familia!"

— via Instagram @overdosedgarden_

"I have some hash to share that has been curing in the cannatrol. That was the best investment I have made in a while!"

— via Instagram @centralvermontcannibis

Gain control with our patented Vaportrol® tech

Patented Vaportrol® Technology levels out the curing, drying and aging/storage environment in every season, climate and geography. It takes the guess work and the risk out of seasonal humidity, and temperature swings. With this unique technology, you have complete control of the drying and curing process.

Why Relative Humidity (RH%) is NOT a Good Measure
Let’s nerd out for a minute here…

Relative Humidity (RH%) is probably one of the most misunderstood terms we use when referring to drying and curing. RH% is made up of 2 absolute numbers: Dry Bulb and Dew Point Temperatures. This means that you can have the same RH% at 50° degrees and 80° degrees.

Think about that for a minute… by using temperature and dew point we control the Vapor Pressure… and have 100% control of the process.

Vaportrol Technology stabilizes conditions. There is never ‘excess’ free water so you can hold your flower in the perfect environment.
No Burping – No Kidding

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get about the Cannatrol Cool Cure.

Is there a warranty?


The unit is warrantied for parts and labor for one year.  After one year, we are happy to service the unit for the cost of parts and shipping.

How do I clean my Cool Cure?

Do not clean with bleach or harsh chemicals!!  If needed, wipe down the inside with warm water and use the can of compressed air that came in the stash box to clean out the drain hole.

Do I need to hang my plants before loading them into the box?

While you do not have to, the drying process will be faster if you do in addition to trimming the buds off the branches.  If the branches are left on, the drip pan will need to be emptied more as there will be more free and available moisture for the unit to remove.

Can my harvest be stored in the Cool Cure and should I set it to standby or cure mode?

Yes!  You can store your harvest in jars or any vessel that is open to the environment inside the Cool Cure.  The unit can be left in standby mode for storage use. We set it to 68/54 and store in vapor permeable paper bags or open containers- make sure to keep the sponge damp and you’ll have fantastic flower for months to come!

What is the actual size of the unit?

The size of the Cool Cure unit: Height 28.25″ x  Width 17.75″ x  Depth 20.5″

How many shelves does the Cool Cure come with?

The Cool Cure ships with 6 shelves, additional shelves can be ordered on our website!

Adding shelves DOES NOT increase the total capacity of the unit, 2.25 pounds of wet flower maximum at a time!

Is this the largest system available for purchase?

We have a complete range of commercial systems designed for larger scale production (100 pounds of wet load and up).  Our Cool Cure unit is currently only available in the current size and accommodates up to 2.25 pounds of wet flower per run.

There are discounts for purchasing multiple units!

What settings should be used?

The user manual explains the default settings which are a 4 day dry at temperature 68ºF and dew point 54ºF then 4 day cure at temperature 68ºF and dew point 52ºF.  We always recommend starting with factory defaults and then customizing settings from there.  The system is fully programmable.

Do you ship internationally?

We do!  Contact us at or call 802-738-0709 for estimated shipping costs for international shipping.  Please note that any applicable duties and taxes will be billed to you and collected by UPS after the unit clears customs.

Shipping to Canada?  Click here! 

All prices for the unit and shipping are in USD.

How much power does the Cannatrol Cool Cure draw?

70 Watts.  The unit does not require any special connections and can be plugged into any 3 prong outlet.

The Cool Cure will work on all voltages and the electrical plug is designed for a US outlet.  An adapter will be needed in order to use an international outlet.

Can I dry/cure hash, bubble hash or gummies?

Yes!  Vaportrol® Technology is all about water removal by managing the vapor pressure inside the box.  We’ve heard many of our customers are using the Cool Cure for hash and gummies and getting great results.

What payment options are accepted?

We no longer accepting PayPal or Venmo.  We can accept credit cards when ordering online or over the phone.  You are also welcome to send a check or money order to our facility: VT Dry & Cure Technologies, 9 Precision Drive, North Springfield VT 05150.

For international orders:  All pricing is listed in USD.  Any applicable duties and taxes required will be billed to you and collected by UPS after the unit clears customs.  All international sales are final with exception of warranty issues.


Where do you ship and how much is it?

We ship all over the United States and internationally!  US shipping averages $100-$125, if you would like a more specific shipping estimate please call us at 802-738-0709 or email  Once ordered, you will receive a shipping notification with tracking information when it ships.

Signature is required upon delivery.

Are there any discount codes available?

We do offer a $100 discount for the Cool Cure when you are a member (active or retired) of the military – Thank you for your service!

 Military Discounts cannot be applied to Pre Orders This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.


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2. After verification, you’ll receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout.

3. For future purchases, return to this page and repeat Step 1. (Limit 1 code per month.)

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