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The only total dry, cure, and store system

Our dry, cure, and store systems maximize potency, preserve terpenes and produce superior cannabis buds.

Winner of the High Times STASH and Grow Up Industry Awards for the Best Drying and Curing System

Produce a superior product for your customers

Retain More Terpenes

Maximize Potency

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce Labor

Increase Yield

Take control of the drying, curing, and storage process

Patented Vaportrol Technology levels out the drying, curing and storage environment in every season, climate and geography. It takes the guess work and the risk out of seasonal humidity, and temperature swings. With this unique technology, you have complete control of the post harvest process.


Dried cannabis

The Proof is in the Lab


Terpene Retention: Cannatrol Systems retained 16% more total terpenes than the traditional drying method. Specific terpenes such as Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Myrcene, cis-ocimene, and B-Caryophyllene showed significantly higher concentrations in the Cool Cure method, with increases ranging from 6% to 23%.

Cannabinoid Preservation: The Cannatrol system showed less decarboxylation of cannabinoids, indicating a better preservation of these compounds. Specifically, THCA, CBD, and CBC concentrations were significantly higher in the Cool Cure method, suggesting less degradation due to controlled temperature and humidity.

Environmental Stability: The study found that the traditional drying systems are subject to large environmental fluctuations, which can adversely affect flower quality and can compromise trichome integrity. In contrast, the Cannatrol system was able to maintain more stable environmental conditions, minimizing spikes in temperature and humidity that can lead to decarboxylation and terpene loss.


Consumers Prefer Flower from a Cannatrol System

Flower that is dried and cured in a Cannatrol system is preferred 2:1 by consumers. Get the most out of your genetics. Show off what your flower really can deliver.

Lab testing performed by independent dispensary. Samples grown, dried and cured by independent professional grower and presented in blind study to consumers.

Column graph showing preference to cannatrol dried cannabis is preferred 2:1 by consumers.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 theemjays Awards! Visit http://www.TheEmjays.com to nominate Cannatrol for Cultivation Technology (Hardware) of the Year!
Nominations will be accepted until August 18, 2024. Finalists will be announced in September 2024.
Winners will be revealed live on... stage during the Emjays ceremony on December 5, 2024, held during MJBizCon week at the iconic Pearl Theater at The Palms in Las Vegas.

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Cannatrol Brings Breakthrough Postharvest Cannabis Tech to Europe in Partnership With Paralab Green.
Cannatrol, the creators of the only total dry, cure and store system for the cannabis industry, announced today an exclusive partnership with Paralab Green, Europe’s ...premier distributor of cannabis processing solutions, establishing distribution of the company’s patented Vaportrol® Technology throughout Europe.

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