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The Best Cure For
Your Buds
bring out the best in your harvest
Patented Vaportrol® Technology allows you to dial in the ultimate environment and have precision temperature and vapor pressure control.
Keep product free from mold & pests
Eliminate over-drying
Lock in terpenes

Increase Terpene Retention

Improved terpene retention delivers more of the 'goods' to your customers. The superior quality of your flowers will keep customers loyal and coming back for consistent premium quality.

Increase Potency

Get the most out of your genetics. Show off what your flowers really can deliver by maximizing potency.

Customers Prefer Us

In a medical dispensary sensory evaluation, flowers dried and cured in a Cannatrol system were preferred 2:1 over traditional dry cure. Twice as many respondents indicated the flowers were more pungent as well.
the cannatrol advantage

Improve profitability
Increase yield

Cool Dry - No Heat!

When flowers are properly dried, and cured everything is better! Improve terpene retention, and potency.

Whether you are managing your own home grow, growing large scale recreational or medicinal, drying and curing your  flowers under the best conditions will provide a premium experience for you and your customers and will deliver more profits to the bottom line.

When flowers are over-dried, overall quality is compromised, not to mention reduction of the final potential sale weight of your product. Imagine increasing your final weights by even 1-3% and what that can mean to your business.


What our customers are saying

"Dried for 12 days and cured another 28 in a Cannatrol Cool Cure - perfectly dried and cured, no guess work or crazy environmental controls."

Cannatrol User

Leonor Kunze

"This is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your grow room."

Todd McCormick
Author, Grower, Activist

Ansley Zulauf

    "The flowers look great and while nothings ready to sample yet, I have to say this is the first time in over 20 years I’ve not worried about the drying and now curing process."

Cannatrol User 

Davion Gerhold

"I've got terps for days. Everyone should be drying and curing their meds this way"

Cierra Marks

"When we tested Cannatrol product versus drying with our old method our sensory panel preferred the flowers from the Cannatrol 2:1"

Cheyenne Stanton

"We cure in a Cannatrol Cool Cure Box for the best flavor and perfect moisture."

Sylvan Kovacek

"I am really excited about this technology and you guys. Your story is what life is all about.  
Vision and Passion."

Cierra Marks

"We are going into our 3rd harvest with our new Cool Cure box and absolutely love the results we are seeing! Such a difference in the final quality of the flower"

Cheyenne Stanton

"I have to say that my life has been simplified since my purchase. Don't miss the anxiety of drying and burping."

Sylvan Kovacek

Fresh batch in!  Sundae Punch bottom 3 shelves, LA Cookies top 2!  4th harvest with this technology and zero complaints!

Cierra Marks

You can imagine that a data driven nerd like myself just loves the math and watching the water magically disappear!

Cheyenne Stanton

I know you know this but I just had to state the obvious. There is no odor while in service. Only when opening the box for a daily weight check do I smell anything at all.

Sylvan Kovacek
What is vaportrol?

"This system is a game changer"

Consistent control of temperature and vapor pressure is critical to successful curing, drying and aging. Traditional HVAC systems are known to  cause erratic conditions in drying and curing spaces and can create a potentially disastrous situation for products that need stable, controlled environments.

Patented Vaportrol® Technology levels out the curing, drying and aging environment in every season, climate and geography.  It takes the guess work and the risk out of seasonal humidity, and temperature swings. With this unique technology, you have complete control of the drying and curing  process.

Using Vaportrol®, you have independent control of  both temperature and dew point, adjusting the vapor pressure to fine tune conditions throughout the drying and curing process.  No other dry/cure solution offers this unique and advanced, technology.

What do Cheese, Meat and Cannabis have in Common?

Proven technology

We like to can't fool physics.  While the conditions required for cheese, meat and cannabis are all unique, the physics are the same.    What do all three have in common?  The success of all these products is based on both superior raw materials and excellent maker skills, but controlled water loss and correct final water content are critical to finishing the product properly.  They all require controlled water removal and ultimately they are all sold by weight. Over-drying any of these products results in inferior, inconsistent product quality and importantly, lost profits.

Vaportrol® Technology was developed by an independent inventor who holds 15 patents (and another 2 pending), most related to HVAC technologies. The technology was originally developed to solve an environmental control problem at one of the country's top cheese makers.  The system was so effective that other cheese makers with similar problems  heard about the systems and wanted to get control of their aging rooms.  It didn't take long before hundreds of systems were installed all over North America (there are even a few in Hawaii).  Once the technology was proven in the cheese making world, it was easily adapted to the world of dry aged and cured meats.  From there, cannabis was the next obvious application.

cannatrol products

Solutions for Every Size

Cannatrol DC4 Dry Cure Cannabis
HOME GROW Cool Cure Box

The Cannatrol™ Cool Cure is designed for the home grower and offers  pin-point Vaportrol® accuracy of dry and cure, but in a compact form.  Just plug it in, set your targets and start drying/curing up to 2.2 pounds of wet harvest with a yield of about 6-7 ounces of dry flower. No over-drying - and smell. This box is perfect for batch harvesting as well as excellent controlled product storage.

The Cannatrol™ DC-4 Box holds four standard bakers racks and is an efficient self contained system. It uses the same robust industrial control system as our larger boxes, but in a smaller format that ships as a ready to assemble kit. These systems are fitted with an integrated scale to monitor real time  water weight loss,  and offer up to 5 different  settings per dry/cure cycle. Each box holds 160-180 pounds of wet product yielding 32-36 pounds dry flower per cycle. Multiple boxes in series are a great solution for continuous harvest operations.

4 Cart "DC" Box
Our latest collaboration with GrowboxCo. These upcycled shipping containers are a "plug and play" solution  perfect for quick start ups. These systems are fitted with an integrated scale to monitor real time  water weight loss,  and offer up to 5 different  settings per dry/cure cycle. Shipping containers can be designed with multiple 6-cart chambers to hold 250 pounds of wet harvest per chamber. 20' and 40' containers can be outfitted with or without a small integrated production space.
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The Cannatrol™ Dry/Cure Box for large scale and commercial growers  will handle  large quantities of wet product.  Developed in collaboration with Sanitary Design Industries (SDI). These systems are fitted with an integrated scale to monitor real time  water weight loss,  and offer up to 5 different  settings per dry/cure cycle. These boxes are completely customized to meet the demands of your production process

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