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The only total dry, cure, and store system

Our dry, cure, and store systems maximize potency, preserve terpenes and produce superior cannabis buds.

Winner of the High Times STASH and Grow Up Industry Awards for the Best Drying and Curing System

Produce a superior product for your customers

Retain More Terpenes

Maximize Potency

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce Labor

Increase Yield

Take control of the drying, curing, and storage process

Patented Vaportrol Technology levels out the drying, curing and storage environment in every season, climate and geography. It takes the guess work and the risk out of seasonal humidity, and temperature swings. With this unique technology, you have complete control of the post harvest process.


Dried cannabis

Consumers Prefer Flower from a Cannatrol System

Flower that is dried and cured in a Cannatrol system is preferred 2:1 by consumers. Get the most out of your genetics. Show off what your flower really can deliver.

Lab testing performed by independent dispensary. Samples grown, dried and cured by independent professional grower and presented in blind study to consumers.

Column graph showing preference to cannatrol dried cannabis is preferred 2:1 by consumers.

Growers know best!

Don’t take our word for it - Home Growers love the Cool Cure

8/8/22 "If you know Cannatrol buds you will almost always recognize them and seek them out...they're everywhere and it’s awesome."

— via Facebook A. Baker

4/1/2023 "I legit can't live without this thing now!"

— via Instagram @routinegreenva

8/1/2022 "I recently ordered a Cool Cure for my soon-to-harvest in CA. I just completed the 4-day dry, 4-day cure session, and I have to tell you I have never seen such well cured bud. I was not surprised, because I researched the Cool Cure thoroughly. It is always nice to get what you paid for. My friends thought I was crazy to spend that kind of money, but the laugh is on them. Thank you for contributing to the growing world. Growing is a passion of mine and you made the hardest part of growing SUPER easy!!" Thank you so much!

— via email Bob Skinner

8/28/22 "...If you're ready to step up your dry/cure game cannatrol is a no brainer. Truly a great product and a game changer for your bud. Amazing people and great customer support."

— via Instagram @strong_island_genetics

4/1/2023 "Best investment ever. Can’t wait to get another!"

— via Instagram @damico_farms

8/2022 "I’ve had mine a week and I have found it very well thought out, every part seems to be made of quality components, From the door to the glass everything seems to be made from better quality stuff 2 days into use and the results so far have been amazing!"

— via Facebook Ted McAvoy

8/23/22 "Cannatrol is such an amazing product it’s worth the one time investment of 1600$ I ended up getting 2, paid itself off with the first harvest , when it comes to quality, Cannatrol has changed the game cheers to the cannatrol familia!"

— via Instagram @overdosedgarden_

"I have some hash to share that has been curing in the cannatrol. That was the best investment I have made in a while!"

— via Instagram @centralvermontcannibis

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