Cannatrol Cool Cure

Is there a warranty?


The unit is warrantied for parts and labor for one year.  After one year, we are happy to service the unit for the cost of parts and shipping!  Contact inquiry@cannatrols.com for repairs or troubleshooting!

Units must be purchased from an authorized Cannatrol retailer or direct from the manufacturer.


How do I clean my Cool Cure?

Do not clean with bleach or harsh chemicals!!  If needed, wipe down the inside with warm water and use the can of compressed air that came in the stash box to clean out the drain hole.


Do I need to hang my plants before loading them into the box?

While you do not have to, the drying process will be faster if you do in addition to trimming the buds off the branches.  If the branches are left on, the drip pan will need to be emptied more as there will be more free and available moisture for the unit to remove.

Can my harvest be stored in the Cool Cure and should I set it to standby or cure mode?

Yes!  You can store your harvest in jars or any vessel that is open to the environment inside the Cool Cure.  The unit can be left in standby mode for storage use. We set it to 68/54 and store in vapor permeable paper bags or open containers- make sure to keep the sponge damp and you’ll have fantastic flower for months to come.


What is the actual size of the unit?

Height 28.25″ x  Width 17.75″ x  Depth 20.5″

How many shelves does the Cool Cure come with?

The Cool Cure ships with 6 shelves, additional shelves may be ordered on our website.

Is this the largest system available for purchase?

We have a complete range of commercial systems designed for larger scale production.  Our Cool Cure unit is only available in the current size and accommodates up to 2.25 pounds of wet flower per run.

There are discounts available for purchasing multiple units.

What settings should be used?

The user manual explains the default settings which are a 4 day dry and a 4 day cure.  We always recommend starting with factory defaults and then customizing settings once you are familiar with operating the unit.  The system is fully programmable.

Do you ship internationally?

We do!  For more information and our policies for international orders click here.  Please note that any applicable duties and taxes will be billed to you and collected by UPS after the unit clears customs.

All prices for the unit and shipping are in USD.

How much power does the Cannatrol Cool Cure draw?

70 Watts.  The unit does not require any special connections and can be plugged into any 3 prong outlet.

The Cool Cure will work on all voltages and the electrical plug is designed for a US outlet.  An adapter will be needed in order to use an international outlet.

Can I dry/cure hash, bubble hash or gummies?

Vaportrol Technology is all about water removal by managing the vapor pressure inside the box.  We’ve heard many of our customers are using the Cool Cure for hash and gummies and getting great results.

What payment options are accepted?

We are no longer accepting PayPal or Venmo.  We can accept credit cards when ordering online or over the phone.  You are also welcome to send a check or money order to our facility.

For international orders:  All pricing is listed in USD.  Only wire transfers are accepted for international orders at this time.  Any applicable duties and taxes required will be billed to you and collected by UPS after the unit clears customs.  All international sales are final with exceptional of warranty issues.

Where do you ship and how much is it?

We ship all over the United States and internationally!  US shipping averages $100-$125, if you would like a more specific shipping estimate please call us at 802-738-0709 or email inquiry@cannatrols.com.  Once ordered, you will receive a shipping notification with tracking information when it ships.

Signature is required upon delivery.

DC Quick Start Systems

What sizes does the DC System come in?

Our DC Quick Start Systems come in three stock sizes.  The DC4 holds up to 180 pounds of wet flower, the DC8 holds up to 360 pounds and the DC16 will hold up to 720 pounds.

What if I need a bigger size than the DC16?

If a typical harvest yields more than 720 pounds you may be better suited with a custom system.  We can retrofit an existing drying room or design a new space for your facility.  Contact us to get started 802-738-0709 or email inquiry@cannatrols.com

Custom Systems

How do you size a custom system?

We’ll start by asking you a few questions about your typical harvest cycle and expected wet weights.  Once we have that information, we can start the design process.

A Custom System can be designed for almost any space as long as it is vapor tight. We will work with your architects and engineers to develop the right custom solution for you.

Do you do Retrofits?

Absolutely!  We will work with you to design a system that will meet the your specific needs.  The key to all retrofit systems is that the space is vapor tight.  If your current space is not vapor tight, we can work with you to recommend appropriate materials to upgrade your current space.

What does the Cannatrol control system do?

This patented control system is designed to operate the Cannatrol Drying and Curing System and controls temperature and vapor pressure/dew point, thereby controlling relative humidity. Each function on the control can be preset to achieve a desired level of temperature and moisture in the drying and curing environment.

The entire system should be installed by a qualified mechanical contractor and licensed electrician. We will provide mechanical and piping diagrams for every job.

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