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Meet the “DC4” Quickstart

Our Smallest Commercial Dry/Cure Box

Perfect for dispensaries and medium sized growers

The DC4 holds 160-180 pounds of wet flowers per run. Load partially or fully trimmed product on perforated trays and onto the rolling bakers racks. (Yes you can also hang dry in this box if you like). The robust control system offers 5 unique stages – so you can fully customize your dry and cure conditions. The system comes with a fully integrated cart scale so you can monitor water loss in real time. Your flowers will be stable and ready for cure in 8-10 days depending on the density of the flower (we recommend the use of a water activity meter) Finally – Get complete control of your drying and curing environment. Here’s what one of our DC4 users has to say…

“Part of the beauty of the Cannatrol system is that it is flexible in its functionality as you can control temperature and vapor pressure over different intervals of time.  These set points can be programmed independently for both temperature and dewpoint.  With this functionality, you can take one batch from wet harvest all the way through the entire dry and cure process, or you can use it exclusively for drying of weekly harvests with curing in a secondary unit/location, or you can even use it for curing of your limited reserve flower over a longer duration of time . The options are really endless. As the cannabis market and our company continues to grow, I can envision the use of the Cannatrol unit evolving with our business and being utilized in any one of the applications mentioned above.”

Our easy to use 7″ touch screen give you current conditions “at a glance”. Connect to android or iphone for remote monitoring of the system. The settings are fully password protected to eliminate the possibility of accidental system changes.


When you dry and cure properly, your flowers will simply deliver a better experience to your customers. Over-drying your flowers can leave you with a harsh smoke – and just a bad overall sensory experience. And remember when you over-dry, you’re product is light.
Properly dried and cured product will retain the correct amount of moisture. That could mean an increase of anywhere from a 1-3% increase in final weight – and that drops straight to the bottom line.

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