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The Long Haul

Cannatrol cool cure unit filled with brown paper bags with open door

Storing for the Long Haul

You just finished your cure cycle – set your self up for the long sleep

The Cannatrol Cool Cure is ideal for long term storage (think…ultra long cure). The Cool Cure really excels when it comes to holding your harvest at the ideal conditions for the long haul. Once you’ve reached a stable water activity level (about 75-80% weight loss) you are ready to start curing. The beauty of the Cool Cure is that you never need to burp your harvest. The Vaportrol Technology automatically modulates the conditions in your system. Store your harvest in a vapor permeable container, like a lunch bag! Make sure to place the water reservoir with the sponge somewhere inside the unit, and check it weekly.

We like to store at temps between 65-68 with a dew point around 52-54 degrees. Our pre-rolls and “gifts from friends” stay in there too, until its time to share! Let us know when you are ready for your second unit – and we’ll get one over to you. Everyone needs at least 2 – one for processing and one for storage – right?

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