Sundazed Fun!

July 19, 2022

On Sunday 7/17 we sat down for 2.5 hours of fun and science talk with  Smotpoker, Crispywannabe and their friends PuffyD and WeedNerd DWC. We covered everything from the Guru's favorite saying "You can't Phuck with Physics" to "What cha smokin' on". This is a great listen and there are lots of  tidbits on using our system.

In this extended play format, we really had the opportunity to dig into Vaportrol Technology and how this groundbreaking technology is changing the way we think about post harvest processing. You'll learn about target water activity and how dialing in your process to achieve a target water activity level can protect you from unwanted mold growth, preserve more terps and deliver higher yields. Not only did we dig deep into the science, but we had a few laughs along the way.

Are you interested in interviewing the guru on a podcast or youtube show? Just let us know!

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