Hudson Case Study

Hudson Case Study

Cannatrol OPED Case Study 

The Perfect Recipe for Drying and Curing Cannabis Flower 

Humid Northeast, Arid Southwest, and high plains — How Cannabis Flower can be Correctly and Accurately Dried in Tough Environments  

By Jane and David Sandelman, Founders, Cannatrol  

One Vermont company has developed a remedy for getting harvested flowers over the finish line and onto shelves in excellent condition. VT Dry & Cure Technologies, the makers of Cannatrol™ Systems, using its patented Vaportrol technology, offers systems to perfectly dry, cure, and store flower for both the home and industrial grower.  Flower dried, cured and stored in Cannatrol’s systems will demonstrate increased terpene and cannabinoid levels. Home growers have the simplicity of a single device with the bonus of increased flower quality, while larger operations can streamline their tedious, nerve-racking, and expensive post-harvest process with Cannatrol.  

In a study comparing flower traditionally dried and cured to flower processed using Vaportrol technology, researchers found Vaportrol flower retained significantly more cannabinoids and terpenes than traditional methods.  Customers surveyed reported a 2:1 preference of Cannatrol cured buds over traditional dry cure. Importantly, customers also noted increases in final yield.  


We recently spoke with Keith Saviano, Head of Cultivation at Hudson Growers Alliance in Hudson, Massachusetts, who recently installed a Cannatrol™ Custom Solution.  Hudson is a craft cannabis flower company, that handles the production side of its operation. Their flower is sold in partnership with Nimbus Cannabis Company, which handles packaging, branding, and distribution. Together, they compete with large industrial-scale companies in the area.  While the aspect of being ‘craft’ draws attention to Hudson & Nimbus, Keith was looking to make their cannabis stand out from the pack. Initially, Hudson acquired one of Cannatrol’s Cool Cure home grower units to test the technology, believing the difference in cannabis quality would be slim.  

After reaching their first harvest and putting buds out on the shelves, the small selection of Cannatrol-cured flower “sold out within days, whereas the majority of our stock — our traditionally dried and cured product – was left almost untouched,” said Saviano.  That spurred the Growers Alliance to order a full size Cannatrol custom room. “Now everything we produce goes through the Cannatrol room and the entire warehouse smells amazing,” he says. “From the smell alone you can identify each individual strain we grow.” 

Saviano’s favorite part – besides the pungent aroma—is “how easy it is to use the Cannatrol System. It’s not only easier but quicker than traditional methods.” This is the common response from customers nationwide.  In addition to providing a higher quality product, Saviano recognized the weight of cured flower was, on average, 5 to 7 percent heavier than their harvests in the past. “Five to seven percent over 1,000 pounds per year is a lot of money – an employee’s entire salary,” he said.  The news that Hudson obtained a Cannatrol System spread like wildfire throughout the region. “People are coming out of the woodwork asking me about Cannatrol,” Saviano said. “Colleagues in the industry, friends who grow, dispensaries, and other growers alike,” started to inquire about the device producing radical differences. Nimbus is a manufacturer and is sold across the state, anyone has the ability to go out and buy this perfectly cured flower. 

It’s a real game changer and everyone wants to know about it.  

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