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Grower Spotlight: Green Acres Cannabis

Green Acres Cannabis

We recently had a great visit with Steve at Green Acres in Vermont!

What is your favorite cultivar to grow?

My personal hybrid of White Widow x Uptown Girl which I call Uptown Widow. It is a fairly balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid that proved to be more Botrytis resistant than other cultivars.

How long have you been growing?

I did a bit of “Swamp Work” in the 1980’s. We would build raised beds in the swamp with downed trees and haul in bales of peat moss and nutrients. I’ve grown as a hobbyist for the past few years. Commercially, I have been growing for the past year as a tier 1 outdoor cultivator.

Why did you start?

I always dreamed of being a Cannabis Cultivator from my college days. When Vermont opened the adult use market I found myself in a position to apply for a cultivators license and I embarked on this journey.

What piece of equipment can you not grow without?

Hands down, my fleet of six Cool Cure units is a key to my operation. Growing good cannabis is lost if the dry/cure is blown with inhospitable environmental conditions. I can always rely on Cannatrol technology to cross the finish line.

What are 2 things you wish you had known before you started growing?

Botrytis and Septoria control

How would you describe your relationship with cannabis?

Cannabis is medicine Our cannabinoid receptors are happy to accept exogenous cannabinoids to create homeostasis in our bodies also, listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” after a session with headphones on doesn’t suck.

What do you think is the most interesting trend occurring in the cannabis industry currently?

Solventless extraction. We get high level THC concentrates without any chemical residues.

Check out Green Acres Cannabis – and tell them The Cool Cure Guru sent you!

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