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Ed Rosenthal on Cannatrol Systems

Now Buds Can be Dried and Cured Perfectly in a Matter of Days

By Ed Rosenthal

Cannabis cultivators of all types need to control every step of the process from seed to smoke. Nurturing the life cycle of the plant is only the beginning. After putting so much care into the cultivation process, it’s critical to ensure buds are dried, cured, and stored in a clean, stable environment that preserves terpenes, potency, and quality. Enter Cannatrol

For home growers, the Cannatrol Cool Cure system is unlike any post-harvest solution seen before. Deploying proprietary cutting-edge Vaportrol technology, this unique process utilizes the power of vapor pressure to achieve precise, uniform conditions—no matter how long the buds are stored. Flower reaches equilibrium in the unit and is preserved until it’s time to consume.

The sleek and stylish machine removes the need for burping and allows buds to be dried, cured, and stored all in one. The sealed Cool Cure units give cultivators the ability to accurately monitor and adjust the temperature and dew point of the environment around the buds to create optimal drying and curing conditions.

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