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Don’t Stuff the Box!

How to Load a Cool Cure

You just harvested your plant. She’s beautiful. She’s dense.

Probably one of the most common mistakes made by a Cool Cure newbie is overloading the box. The Cool Cure is rated for about 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) of wet flowers, this might vary based on density of your buds, cultivar and more. When the box is overloaded, all at once, it will struggle to reach the target set points. So, whats the solution?

We have found that the best results are achieved if you hang the plant for about 24 hours (if conditions allow) in a cool dark place and allow some of the available water to evaporate. This give the plant some time to start converting chlorophyll and allows you to put a bit more in the box. After this initial hanging period, we like to trim up the buds. (Of course this is personal taste). If you don’t want to do a full trim, remove the largest leaves and set the buds in the box shoulder to shoulder. Be sure not to stack them, and leave a little space for air circulation.

Of course our large commercial equipment has tremendous capacity and can handle loads of 160 – 800 pounds (and beyond) at a time. Our commercial systems are sized based on your production and harvest cycle. But that’s a post for another day.

Here’s an example of a run by one of our users. Buds are lightly trimmed and some are hanging, some are on the shelves. The key is that there is good circulation around all the flowers.

Once you are loaded, put in your settings and off you go.

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