When drying, curing and storing...
rapid water loss, unstable temperature and uncontrolled moisture are the enemy.
Premium buds are the future of your brand.
Control has never been more important...

Growing a quality product is a significant financial commitment.  Genetics, nutrients, power and labor all get calculated into the cost of the grow cycle.  With that much investment in the grow process,  it is critical to assure the product is dried and cured in a clean, correct environment.  Anything less can result in a total loss of your harvest.

Small batch processing means that you are not loading wet buds in the same room as dry or partially dry buds. This small batch philosophy is what makes our systems unique. With a Cannatrol system you can produce "craft" quality cannabis on a large scale.

The Cannatrol™ System assures not only a terrific aesthetic result with superior organoleptic properties, but can keep the harvest free of pests and mold (both visible and invisible) that can destroy a harvest or worse.

By managing vapor pressure and temperature you will gently control water removal.  A dry cycle might last anywhere from 4-7 days depending on the cultivar and your personal preferences.  Program the temperature and dew point conditions you prefer and the length of time.  Using the 'ramp' function (with up to 5 settings), you can gently control the rate of water loss to reach the optimal water activity for your flowers.  

Once your flowers are stable, its time to shift into the  cure mode.  Select your temperature and dew point and the system can hold your harvest in a perfectly controlled environment for as long as you wish.  No burping, no maintenance. When your are satisfied with your cure, store in a sealed container  or continue to hold until you are ready to pack and sell.

cannabis hanging in Cannatrol DC System using Vaportrol technology
In a recent sensory panel comparing flowers processed in a Cannatrol System to product that was conventionally dried...

The respondents preferred the flowers dried in the Cannatrol System 2 to 1

"This system is a game changer"

"I've got terps for days"

"Everyone should dry and cure their meds this way"
cannatrol CUSTOM systems
with Patented Vaportrol Technology
Call us to review your production demands and we will work with you to develop a system that meets your needs.
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Robust Industrial Controls

Digital display on control for Cannatrol DC System Vaportrol technology

No matter which system you select, the Cannatrol Control System offers real time monitoring of all the critical conditions in the Dry/Cure Box. The unique integrated scale function allows users to monitor real time water loss to help dial in the perfect dry/cure and avoid over drying.

Every system is outfitted with a 7" easy to navigate touch screen control and data logging functions.

These robust industrial controls offer users remote operating capability via android and ios.

Vapor Tight Construction

hanging cannabis in Cannatrol DC System using Vaportrol technology

We can work with your architects and designers to create the optimal space for your operation. Cannatrol systems should only be installed in a vapor tight space. Our systems can be installed in both new construction and retrofits. Call us to discuss your facility and we'll work with you to create the perfect post harvest environment for your operation.

Cannatrol Cannabis Dry Cure Typical Room Hang  DC System Vaportrol technology

Why Overdried Product Costs You More

Lost Revenue

Flowers are sold by weight. That means over-dried flowers weigh less. The math is simple, increased product weight with no additional production cost means profits drop right to the bottom line. Cannatrol systems offer a quick ROI.

Harsh Smoke

No one wants to smoke harsh flowers. A poorly dried and cured product can lead to a harsh, unpleasant smoking experience. Customers won't come back when your competitors are raising the bar every day.

Increased Waste

Overdried product creates crumbling buds that either cant be sold or leave so much shake behind that they look feel and taste sub par. These buds wind up having to be reprocessed into other forms and you have less truly premium flower to sell.

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