DC system constructed with cam lock panel system

Reducing Costs through Efficient Cannabis Post Harvest

Maximize Profits and Efficiency with Cannatrol Commercial Systems   Want to increase yields, reduce waste, and improve...

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Cannabis drying, curing methods can be improved: Q&A with researcher Allison Justice

By Kate Robertson, Writer MJBizDaily February 29, 2024 Some of the most interesting cannabis cultivation research is happening...

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Trichome Integrity- If the terps are in your nose, they aren’t in your plant.

RESEARCH SNEAK PEEK…  Here’s what we are working on! Trichome Integrity- If the terps are in your...

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Harvesting, Drying & Curing Plants To Maintain Quality! (Garden Talk #117) with Dr. Allison Justice

In this episode of Garden Talk, I interview Dr. Allison Justice. She has a PHD in Plant...

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The Truth About Vapor Pressure

Guest Blog with Sharkmouse Farms Relative humidity is simply the percentage of water in the atmosphere before...

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Cannatrol cool cure unit filled with brown paper bags with open door

The Long Haul

Storing for the Long Haul You just finished your cure cycle – set your self up for...

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How a Cold One Explains the Mystery of RH

Understanding Dew Point, Dry Bulb and Relative Humidity‍ RH or Relative Humidity is exactly that – It’s...

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Save the Terps!

Over 60% Increase in Terpene Retention Deliver the best of your genetics We recently worked with a...

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Don’t Stuff the Box!

How to Load a Cool Cure You just harvested your plant. She’s beautiful. She’s dense. Probably one...

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