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Cannatrol Heads to Germany for ICBC – The Trip Report

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Last month, we packed up and headed to Berlin for our first-ever EU industry show at The International Cannabis Business Conference.

The timing was perfect, and we were there just in time for the big legalization announcement! The excitement was real at the event, and everyone was ready to talk about the future of cannabis in Germany and the entire EU. In fact, we met with companies not only from the EU but also from South America and Asia. The conference was an amazing collection of people from all over the world working together to bring great cannabis to market.

The future is bright for cannabis in Germany, with the expansion of current medical production and the addition of social clubs to the mix. Each social club may have up to 500 members who can grow collectively for their consumption. Each member can have up to 50 grams monthly from the collective grow. Unfortunately, unlike in Spain, there is no consumption inside the club.

Home growers are enthusiastic about our tech and will be a significant part of the cannabis scene in Germany. We are already working on getting more Cool Cures into grow shops across the country. Our EU distributor, Finest Grow, is already on the job, ensuring that we have good distribution throughout Germany and the other EU states.

A highlight of the trip was a visit to Humboldt University to tour their cannabis research lab. The team at Humboldt is doing some advanced research on growing techniques, and now they will be using our technology to dry and cure their flower. They were excited about the level of consistency and repeatability VaportrolTM can give them in post-harvest – not to mention the superior outcome. We are thrilled to be working with them, and we’ve already connected them with our friends at The Cannabis Research Coalition to work on some “joint” studies.

The team had a great time in Berlin, and we were invited to spend the first legal 4/20 on a riverboat cruise with other like-minded stoners. We boarded the boat with our friends from Finest Grow and spent the next several hours enjoying some fine flower, great music and meeting fantastic folks from all over Germany. It was a memorable afternoon of celebration. Berlin is a fantastic city with amazing art, food, and history. We’re definitely planning on returning to ICBC next year and hopefully spending more time enjoying German hospitality!

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