Small Batch Quality
Consistent, Repeatable Results

When drying, curing and storing your harvest, unstable temperature and uncontrolled moisture are the enemy.

Overdried buds lead to...

Lost Revenue

Flowers are sold by weight. That means over-dried flowers weigh less. The math is simple, increased product weight with no additional production cost means profits drop right to the bottom line. Cannatrol systems offer a quick ROI.

Harsh Smoke

No one wants to smoke harsh flowers. A poorly dried and cured product can lead to a harsh, unpleasant smoking experience. Customers won't come back when your competitors are raising the bar every day.

Increased Waste

Overdried product creates crumbling buds that either cant be sold or leave so much shake behind that they look, feel and taste sub par. These buds wind up having to be reprocessed into other forms and you have less  premium flower to sell.

Small batch processing means that you are not loading wet buds in the same room as dry or partially dry buds. This small batch philosophy makes our systems unique.
With a Cannatrol system you will have the ability to produce craft quality cannabis on a large scale.

Cannatrol Cannabis Dry Cure System with Vaportrol Technology


The Cannatrol™ DC System Kits are the first Dry/Cure/Storage systems that use the power of vapor pressure to gently dry, cure and hold your harvest.

Our patented Vaportrol® Technology assures not only a terrific aesthetic result with superior organoleptic properties, but keeps your harvest free of pests and mold (both visible and invisible) that can destroy a harvest - or worse.

Every system ships with an integral scale system to help you monitor water weight loss and reach the perfect water activity level,  so you will never over-dry your harvest. We have kit systems that can handle from 180 to 720 pounds of wet flower per run. (36-144 pounds dry)

Shipped to your facility as a kit, these units can be assembled in 1 day. Use multiple units to meet the demands of a daily harvest.

The central monitoring panel (7" color touch screen) gives you all the data you'll need to manage the process. Fully customizable, you can set up to 5 unique environmental conditions and the system will automatically ramp between settings over the specified time period.

Our proprietary "Vaportrol Driver" keeps the system in control throughout your cycle - and beyond for storage.

The system can be easily accessed via desktop or phone.

No burping, no maintenance. Consistent, repeatable results every cycle.

Every Cannatrol DC Kits Includes:
Complete High R-Value 4" Food Grade Cam Lock Panel System
Insulated Door with Security Lock
Vaportrol® Equipped Cooling Coils
Cleanable, Food Grade Anti Microbial Fabric Duct System
Complete Air Management/Movement System
Cannatrol Touch Screen Control
Sterile Humidification System
Electric Heaters
LED Light
Complete Chiller System
Integrated Rack Scale
Remote monitoring capability
Complete installation and operating instructions

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