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Cannatrol Brings Breakthrough Postharvest Cannabis Tech to Europe in Partnership With Paralab Green

Patented Total Dry-Cure-Store System Availability Expands Across EU

NORTH SPRINGFIELD, Vermont—July 11, 2024—Cannatrol, the creators of the only total dry, cure and store system for the cannabis industry, announced today an exclusive partnership with Paralab Green, Europe’s premier distributor of cannabis processing solutions, establishing distribution of the company’s patented Vaportrol® Technology throughout Europe.

“This partnership truly represents the best of cannabis processing,” said Jane Sandelman, CEO and Co-Founder of Cannatrol. “Paralab Green has established relationships within the European cannabis industry and has a unique understanding of the rapidly growing market. We look forward to opening international access to Cannatrol’s science-backed technology that will benefit cultivators—and ultimately consumers.”

Paralab Green supplies over 70% of licensed production facilities throughout the European Union, offering a range of instrumentation for the cannabis industry, from production to quality control.

“The European market continues to lead the way in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance, and this partnership with Cannatrol is a pivotal addition that enhances our portfolio at Paralab Green,” said Rui Soares, CEO of Paralab Green. “The Cannatrol team brings invaluable scientific expertise to optimize and simplify the drying and curing process. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to excellence, raising industry standards and delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

Cannatrol systems ensure consistent water activity and vapor pressure, delivering elevated product quality, increased yields, GMP regulatory compliance and bottom-line improvements. Cannatrol’s patented postharvest technology is proven to increase curing efficiency, and delivers on average 16% higher terpene retention when compared to traditional drying and curing methods, according to independent testing by The Cannabis Research Coalition.

In addition to Europe, Paralab Green operates in Israel, North Africa and Latin America—opening the door for operators in those regions to access Cannatrol technology.

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About Cannatrol
Cannatrol supports commercial cannabis cultivation by streamlining and tightly controlling the critical drying, curing processes as well as postharvest storage. With patented Vaportrol® Technology, the system controls water loss by regulating the vapor pressure and ensures the correct final water activity, critical for terpene preservation, maximized potency, increased yield and premium quality. Cannatrol’s environmental control solution ensures consistent results for every climate and geography, taking the guesswork and risk out of seasonal humidity and temperature swings. Learn more at

About Paralab Green
Paralab Green, a division of Paralab with 32 years of industry leadership, specializes in providing innovative equipment solutions tailored for the cannabis industry. With a background in serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy, and chemical sectors, Paralab Green brings extensive expertise to cannabis cultivation, extraction, and production. Operating from offices in Portugal and Spain, we are the trusted solution provider for the majority of licensed producers in Europe. Paralab Green combines technical prowess with exceptional customer support to drive innovation and set new standards in the cannabis sector. Learn more at

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