Life with
The Truth About Vapor Pressure

A lesson in vapor pressure, water activity and what makes Vaportrol Technology tick.

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Sundazed Fun!

On Sunday 7/17 we sat down for 2.5 hours of fun and science talk. Tune in to listen.

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The Long Haul

You just finished your cure cycle - set yourself up for the long sleep. Cannatrol Cool Cure is ideal for long term storage (think...ultra long cure)

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How a Cold One Explains the Mystery of RH

Understanding the components of Relative Humidity (RH) can be critical to getting the best finished buds.

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Save the Terps!

Recent test results delivered on the goods (or should we say "the good stuff"). A 61% increase in terpene retention tells the Vaportrol® story.

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Meet the "DC4" Box

Meet our DC4 Kit. It holds 160-180 pounds of wet flowers per run - have cure ready product in 4-5 days. Ships ready to assemble by any contractor.

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Don't Stuff the Box!

This is one of the most common mistakes made by newbies. Overloading the box with super dense wet buds will overwhelm the system. Here's what to do.

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